Established in 2010, GirlsTrek design and deliver unforgettable and unique trekking experiences that encompass the perfect girls getaway. Designed by women, for women, the common thread to all GirlsTrek trips is luxury without the pretence, hidden gems uncovered from days of research as well as serendipitous wanderings! Our trips are fun, challenging in parts, rewarding, and intend to provide you with one of the happiest times in your life.

Pick a destination, Australia or overseas, and you are guaranteed more than just a trek. We love our delicious food and wines, authentic local experiences and crispy white sheets to retire to at the end of the day. Grab your sunnies and your smile, come walk and talk with us and discover somewhere new and invigorating. You are worth this escape from the every day.

Let’s go somewhere!


“At GirlsTrek, the word ‘impact’ means so much to us – it’s central to everything we do.

For example, we are keenly aware of the impact a GirlsTrek experience has on not only the GirlTrekker who joins us but, quite significantly, on those around her too. We see that in the preparation and commitment before the trip. And then we feel her joy and sense of achievement during the trip and the elation when she returns home and shares her stories with family, friends, and work colleagues. All of them are impacted in a positive way too.

As well, as you’d rightly expect, we impact the local communities we visit with our pledge to use local, family owned and operated businesses in the destinations we visit. And we thought you’d like to know that we extend that impact even further too.”


Would you prefer a light trek with immersion into Italian food wine and culture? Come with us to the divine King Valley. Something more glamorous? Consider Chengdu. Located in the Sichuan Province of China, Chengdu is where you will find beautiful peaks and breathtaking valleys that will wow even the most seasoned trekkers. Perhaps a true wilderness challenge? New Zealand Backcountry, 100% unique experience in the Southern Alps of New Zealand could be your calling. Or are you ready for an ancient pilgrimage in Japan with night time sake and onsen hopping on our Kumano Kodo trail experience? How about a privately designed, customised experience to cater exclusively to your own group of friends ? Let’s go somewhere!