You don’t have to lift a finger (only your feet).

Standing in the kitchen, it’s 7.15 am. I’ve been up since 5, taken the dog for a walk, checked my diary, sent my emails and prepared the kids lunch for school. Today, I have a 3 step wake-up for the kids, each of whom have a different activity/bus/homework to complete before they leave the house. As I am mentally making up a grocery list, I take a phone call from Mum, call out spelling to one child, make a coffee for my husband, while signing a swimathon form….I think to myself, my brain is going to explode. I literally cannot fit another detail into my head……TAKE ME BACK TO LARAPINTA.


In fact, TAKE ME BACK to any of the GirlsTrek holidays I’ve had. Blue Mountains, Kosciuszko, Fraser Island. TAKE ME BACK to that time where I had nothing to plan, no-one to mobilise, no food to prepare and no cleaning to do.


I’ve decided, as a grown adult the ultimate relaxation happens when you can step away from the daily detail, incessant problem-solving and constant forward planning and let SOMEONE ELSE TAKE CARE OF THE LOT OF IT. It’s is absolutely part of the magic of a GirlsTrek and something that flies under the radar. We all remember the stunning scenery, the fun of spending time with great friends and the amazing food. These are the tangibles. However the intangibles, such as the super smooth scheduling, the fact you don’t need to navigate, that your bus is waiting for you, your bags are magically at your next stop and, at the top of Mt Sonder at dawn, your tea is hot.


I always return from my GirlsTrek feeling like I’ve been cared-for in small but important ways. A bit like the way we, as women care for our loved ones. Not necessarily grand gestures, but daily gentle care. It reminds me of how lovely it feels to be looked after, and the luxury of not lifting a finger. Until my next GirlsTrek, I will power on (as will we all) and look forward to a little bit more of that in Larapinta 2018.

Lindsay Kasprowicz, GirlsTrekker, Mother of 3 very busy children and one travelling husband