Why travel is good for your career.

At GirlsTrek we are constantly inspired the people we meet on our trips. Most recently I took a group of women on a nine day trek on the Kumano Kodo Trail in Japan. Walking and talking, as we do, I began to ponder what is it about a walking holiday that is so appealing to these women, many of whom will return to demanding careers. Here’s why we think it is:

Walking increases creativity and problem solving

Did you know that there is research to prove a direct link between walking and creativity? A study by Stanford University has identified that there is in fact a 60% increase in creative output while walking as opposed to sitting. So, if you have a problem that needs to be solved stepping outside of your usual routine for an extended walk in a beautiful location could be just what the CEO ordered!

It provides perspective

Being in nature in a beautiful serene environment where you are breathing fresh air and pumping endorphins into your system is a great way to recalibrate. You can return to work with greater clarity and better equipped to deal with complex or stressful situations.

It complements corporate wellbeing

See it as an extension of the corporate wellbeing policy in your workplace.  Many organisations support their employees in scheduling exercise into their calendars, recognising that the physical and emotional benefits make for a happier, more productive workplace . A GirlsTrek provides you with an extended opportunity to switch off and do something healthy at the same time ensuring you return to work feeling re-energised and focused.

It’s a great way to get reconnected with yourself, your goals and dreams

You can have a great business strategy but often self-worth issues stop you from implementing them. Being bogged down in the mundane keeps limiting beliefs supressed. Stepping away from daily routines and responsibilities gives you the space to dive down into these issues, identify them, accept them and work towards transformation.


*In researching for this story Girls Trek spoke to Monique Bensted, General Manager – Communications & Community at Rio Tinto and Genine Howard, CEO and founder of Iconic Empires.