Why I love GirlsTrek – Sophia Cameron

GirlsTrek is driven by a strong set of values that connect us as a team and with our clients. One of these is ‘community’. This means that we facilitate and engage in authentic connections and over time this has created a strong culture of belonging that has spilled into our client base.

Sophia Cameron is a committed Girl Trekker and has travelled to Hong Kong, Tasmania, the Larapinta and Blue Mountains. Her most recent trek was in Western Australia for Walking and Wine. We spoke to her about her experience with us.

How important is it for you to travel with like-minded people?

The trips are a wonderful opportunity to spend valuable time with friends who love to walk, talk and travel. With a shared passion for the outdoors & laughter GirlsTrek trips are fabulous for nurturing the soul & refreshing my creativity.

How do you think GirlsTrek facilitate a collegiate environment?

I think the HikeFit and exercise programmes are great. It means that those based in Brisbane can get together and work towards the common goal of increasing fitness in preparation for our next trip. HikeFit is a lovely way to meet others in the extended GirlsTrek family too. The exercise program works well for non-Brisbane based mates, with the opportunity to motivate each other despite distance.

GirlsTrek has become a mini club for our group of friends. Part of a trip always involves planning the next one.  It’s essential that we have something to look forward to & feel encouraged to maintain some semblance of fitness between GT outings.

No matter what level of trek you are taking our environment fosters a healthy sense of risk taking, building of complementary strengths and trust amongst the group. How have you experienced this?

The trip to Tasmania was in parts extremely challenging for me. Several steep mountains were on the itinerary and I have a fear of heights. Our thoughtful guide was considerate enough to gauge the point into the climb when there was nothing to be gained from pushing me to the very top. Despite pulling up just short of the very top – okay, I actually didn’t make it far beyond base camp, I was content with where I got whilst still feeling a sense of accomplishment. GirlsTrek is a non-competitive & inclusive environment where everyone feels satisfied with their own personal achievements.

Do you think the kinship and power of shared memories and experiences lasts well after everyone returns home?

Absolutely! The recalling of anecdotes and experiences are still joyfully shared from our first trip 5 years ago.