Why I love GirlsTrek: Jane Horwill

We’ve all heard the sage old saying that we need ‘something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.’ This simple wisdom is pretty spot on and planning your next GirlsTrek fits firmly into the ‘something to look forward to’ category.

Jane Horwill discovered GirlsTrek at a juncture in her life where children were leaving the nest. Having become accustomed to putting everyone else’s needs before her own she decided that it was time to carve out some space for her own physical and emotional wellbeing. She says the journey has been truly transformative. Thanks to GirlsTrek she has made new lifelong friends and found a community of likeminded people she really connects with.

When and how did you come to find GirlsTrek?

‘I read an article in the paper and something about it resonated with me. I was looking for a new sport as I was no longer able to do dragon boating for health reasons. Frith invited me to the GirlsTrek Christmas party at JC Slaughter Falls and then I booked my first trek which was three days in the Lamington National Park. That was six years ago. I have been on four other trips since then. I just love every trip.’

How has GirlsTrek trips impacted your life?

‘For me it is really about claiming some personal space. By booking a trip it means I am committed to doing something for me in between all of my other family commitments which includes looking after aging parents and grandchildren!

‘It wasn’t easy at first as I am quite shy, and I was also worried about how I would manage physically as I suffer from asthma. But the culture at GirlsTrek is so inclusive. They cater for every level and all ages. We all have to start somewhere. Everything about my life has improved since I started going to HikeFit and taking the trips. I am healthier, I look and feel better and I have made some amazing friends.

‘I have found it so empowering. I feel I bring a new energy into the home now because I am much happier.

‘Trekking is my new hobby and I am committed to it. Booking ahead is also an important motivation to maintain my fitness.’

How do you plan your calendar around GirlsTrek trips?

‘It’s a priority. I consider what’s happening in the family and then I make the space. Once it’s locked in nothing is going to encroach. It’s my special time to look forward to. I do one trip to Europe each year to see my son who lives there now and one trip in Australia. Most of these are with GirlsTrek.’

What excites you the most about the release of next year’s GirlsTrek trip calendar?

‘The choice! Where do I go? I am leaning towards a more challenging one next. I am at my peak so I’d best strike while the iron’s hot! I would love to go to Japan.’