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Why Girls Trekking Adventures became GirlsTrek

When we started Girls Trekking Adventures we set out to create a travel opportunity for women. Many of our avid community had never trekked before coming away with us, and we relished in supporting those of you who were stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something completely different with us. What we thought we were, was the ultimate adventure travel provider tailored for women. But it soon became apparent that we were enabling journeys of a different kind.

After treks our clients were writing to us to tell us of their evolving sense of confidence, inner peace, healthy habits and resolve to make life changes. All as a result of coming on a trek with us. Firm friendships were being formed between strangers, trek ‘groups’ were created, and women were not just supporting each other but enabling each other. Our clients were on a transformational journey within themselves via our trek experiences. And, as it turns out, we are also transforming.

Yes, we will always provide experiences as amazing as the scenery, but what we are at our heart is a community of enabling women. We are not exclusive, we are not all super fit, we care and we want your trip with us to be one of  the happiest times in your life. So, we dropped ‘Adventure’ from our name because our focus is more about you, the ‘Girls’.

As GirlsTrek we are so thrilled to be a small part of your story. Browse our all new website and send us your feedback! Let’s go somewhere!


With love,
Frith and team GirlsTrek