Where can we find the best teacher?

Homo Sapiens are hard wired to create the life they  wish to lead through the stories they tell themselves and each other. It is the key feature, according to Yuval Noah Harai‘s academic research that set us apart from the animal kingdom. Without this, we would still be roaming around on safari with all the other species on this planet.

Our ability to visualise a future from the stories we tell ourselves and others has enabled us to dominate. We placed ourselves at the very top of the food chain about 80 000 years ago and held position making the rest of the planets living systems to bend to our will.

We seem pretty scary when you put it like that!

The most exhilarating part of being immersed in nature, amongst “the rest of the planets living systems” is they respectfully send us strong messages to challenge our dominance when it just us, without our machines.  Whipping wind, driving rain, root jumbled paths, burning sun, piercing cold, are some of the methods they use to provide us a pressing reminder we are in natures house now.

And from these messages we learn so much about ourselves and we begin to rewrite our stories. At that moment when we think that natures forces have got one up on us, we dig deep and push through. That long hike on a hot day, that mountain summit pre dawn in the freezing air, that trek through a forest where we stumble, and bash the toe of our shoes one more time. It is during the active time of these experiences, as uncomfortable as they are, we are challenged us to rewrite our stories.

I am strong.

I am resilient.

I can persist and complete.

I am humble to the teachings that surround me.

We may have made our place to the top of the food chain Mr Harai, but luckily the living world continues to be brave enough to keep being a teacher.

Lucky us.