We Are Taking the Freaky Out of Trail Running!

How about coming trail running with GirlsTrek?

At GirlsTrek, we know how important it is to have a goal to look forward to, the ‘twinkle’ on the calendar. Could a Great Ocean Road trail running trip be your next goal?

Jacqui Donaldson, our GirlsTrek Trail Running expert, talks about the why she loves trail running and why a GirlsTrek trail running trip could be your next perfect girls getaway.

When did you first start trail running?

I’ve always loved getting outdoors and spent a lot of my childhood camping and 4WDing with my family. I started running when I was in my 20s and enjoyed it, but I didn’t want to spend the limited time I had pounding the pavement on roads. Instead, around 2014 I got hooked on trail running and exploring our beautiful trails in SE Qld and around Australia. Once the world of trail running opened up to me, I got out whenever I could.

I have 3 kids and work part-time so any spare time I have is precious. I’ve learnt if I don’t take care of myself it’s not good for anyone in my life, but it’s sometimes hard to put into practice! One way is to book it in advance, so I started entering events and having a goal to train for. I’ve done a few longer events, the Ultra Trail Australia 50km in the Blue Mountains and the Tarawera 50km in New Zealand however, long distances are not the true aim, rather it’s the joy of experiencing new places and new scenery that keeps getting me out there.

Why do you think a trail running trip is a perfect goal?

Having a goal to aim for and training as a group is incredibly rewarding and provides a great feeling of camaraderie. As much as I love travelling to a destination event, it can end up being secondary to the experiences you’ve had as a group preparing for the big day. I believe a trail running holiday can provide the best of both worlds – running with a group of like-minded people in a supportive environment while enjoying the scenery of a spectacular destination. Plus, getting to enjoy all the benefits that a GirlsTrek experience has to offer!

How does trail running fit with the GirlsTrek philosophy?

Trail running has provided me with some of the most rewarding and most challenging moments in my life, and the trail running community is one of the most welcoming and generous I’ve found. GirlsTrek values mirror my own values of being present with myself in nature as well as being surrounded in a supportive environment. The GirlsTrek philosophy to fill up your soul while you exercise your legs is fulfilled with a trail run whether is a few hours or on a multi day trip.

I’m really excited about our first trip to the Great Ocean Road in October and would love to introduce some Girl Trekkers to the trail running community. I am not an elite runner and you don’t need to be either! You just need to love getting out on the trails, to appreciate the wilderness, discover new places and enjoy great company (with a big dose of luxe at the end of each day).

Come and experience trail running in a supportive environment where you can go at your own pace, enjoy the scenery, walk the hills if you need to and where no one is left behind.