The gift of time away from your family

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. I think my kids are smarter, funnier, prettier than anyone else’s. I also really like my spouse. He’s quite amusing and we enjoy doing the same types things in the outdoors together.


Give me an escape tunnel of time away by myself doing something I love doing… well I am the first one there holding the shovel.

5 reasons to give yourself the gift of time away from your family

1.They will become better people for it ( both your partner and your kids).

We love and protect our family. It’s the number one relationship in all our lives. We smooth the path for them in daily life and do whatever we can to make their lives less chaotic, and more relaxed to help them achieve what they all need to achieve. When you are not there, they get up close and personal in the most practical way possible with that fact that their life is great BECAUSE of you. Fresh underpants don’t just magic in to draws, lunchboxes don’t wash themselves like in Harry Potter, and noone listens to you like your Mum does.

2.You find yourself as an individual again.

Remembering that you have an actual name other than Mum, is so refreshing. More refreshing is it not being overused. Getting acquanitied with your real name again and hearing it in the context of someone doing something for you rather than the other way around is bordering on life changing.

3. Life is really simple.

With out the constant busy-ness of family activity you realise how simple your life actually is, and how much time you actually have! The simple act of brushing your hair becomes all of a sudden – enjoyable, rather than just another thing you have to do while wrangling your tribe out of the house for the school run.

4. You make new friends like the old days.

Remember when you made a friend because you had similar interests or you laughed at the same stuff? Listened to the same bands or drank the same beverages? It’s like a weird throw back to single days when you had oceans of time to really get to know the people around you and share some stories rather than a rushed “hi,bye” at the Netaball pick up line.

5. Your family will be really proud of you.

Setting the goal of a walking holiday where each day you are moving from A to B using your two feet and heart beat is inspiring to ALL those in the inner circle. It takes preparation, shopping for and wearing the right gear, commencing and sticking with the training.  Family members get to share the excitement as you move toward your goal. On return, not only will they be unmeasurably happy to have you back (so you can do everything for them again!) they will be so proud of your accomplishment.