The benefits of having something to look forward to

There are so many benefits associated with planning ahead including increased feelings of optimism, a reason to feel grateful and feeling in charge of your destiny. A healthy sense of anticipation can also keep us motivated at work and get us through the harder days.

Booking that holiday in ahead of time also means that you will actually go on holiday! All too often we ‘think’ about going somewhere but that’s not enough. To make it happen you need to act! If it’s booked in 12 months ahead soon enough the time is nigh, and you actually find yourself hopping on that plane for some well-deserved adventure time!

So how do you talk your girlfriends into coming on a trip with you? In our experience there is often a ‘ring leader’ who takes on the role of researcher, and planner. Arming yourself with all the information and putting it to your friends makes it easier for them to make the decision to come. It is also a great way to show your friends how much you value them and that you are wanting to spend quality time together. It is another way of showing your investment in the relationship.

Perhaps you have a milestone birthday coming up. Keep in mind that GirlsTrek can cater for private groups too. Have you always dreamed of trekking in the Kimberleys or perhaps its walking and wining in the Loire Valley? This is a great excuse to grab your besties and plan something special. Tell us what your dream trip is, and we can design a personalised adventure of a lifetime.

Another great reason to plan ahead is that it keeps you motivated to stay fit! Knowing that you are going to enjoy your trek that little bit more if you are in good condition will help you tap into the ‘why’ I should get out of bed each day for that early morning run, walk or HikeFit session.

Booking your trek ahead of time also gives you time to pay your trip off. Rather than be hit with the whole bill at the last minute you can pay your deposit and make arrangements to pay in installments in the lead up to departure.

So, don’t delay! Head to our trips section and choose from a range of options. You know your friends best and there’s something to suit everyone’s fitness level and time availability. Give yourself something to look forward to!