Stretch goals are the best workout for your resilience muscle

We all strike times in our life that we would rather do without. Episodes, situations, events or any other euphemism you choose to refer to those times in your life that quite frankly, absolutely “suck the big one”.

Our angle to cope differs but the one thing we all have in common is the need for a good dose of resilience. My theory on coping preparation is we are best not to leave our resilience training for game day. Adopting a position to be “resilience fit” puts you in the best position mentally and physically when those “life sucks” moments rudely raise their heads.

One strategy to consider giving your resilience muscle a consistent and solid workout is a stretch goal. Committing to a goal that scares you is my definition of a stretch goal.

If it scares you it means it is taking you out of your comfort zone, and as a friend a fellow Girl Trekker once said, “It’s outside your comfort zone that the good work starts to happen.”

Actioning the small steps toward your stretch goals builds the weights for your resilience muscle to lift. As the actions accumulate like reps at a gym, we feel the benefit of a strengthening resilience muscle.

To achieve at anything, we need to,

  1. do the work (even when we really don’t feel like it)
  2. do all the work (and not fudge it or finish early)
  3. be at peace with the fact that not all the work is enjoyable!

Staying consistent and doing the work edges us even closer to our intended goal and with it our resilience builds stronger and is ready to tackle our “life sucks” moments.