My country childhood growing up on a remote cattle property as well as my backpacking travels as a young woman sowed the seed of my lifelong passion for outdoor adventure. I love the feeling of freedom and connection that only being in nature can bring. I travelled and developed my career in my twenties with gusto! And welcomed the change to my single life when I married a great bloke and had 3 amazing children. Much of my thirties was focused on the needs of my family, supporting, comforting and fulfilling the role of mother and wife.

Despite the love that surrounded me, I couldn’t help but feel the missing piece of my former life and a quiet but persistent erosion of who I was as the years passed.  So, at the age of 39 I had a conversation with myself to make a change, to find my way back to that thing that really made me tick – exploring, discovering, personal adventure, trekking. Surely if I was feeling this way, the women around me were facing a similar sense of that need to find their way back to their true self.

In late 2010, Girls Trekking Adventures was born.  An idea over a bottle of red wine shared with my neighbour. Quickly the idea sprang into action with our first ever trip departing in June 2011 to Lamington National Park in south-east Queensland. We wanted day-pack walking with delicious and nutritious food, quality accommodation, time together with no distraction and celebration. We wanted to be more than just a trek.  To this day we still come back to this simple idea.

Our treks were a hit. In a little over nine years we’ve grown to a team of 20, and have taken over 2000 women to 20 destinations across Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. Our social media following boomed to over 9000+ strong. We realised we were giving women more than a travel experience, and that a Girls Trekking Adventure was also a journey of self-discovery, indeed in essense they were transformational. But we were also on a journey of our own. We were evolving and understanding ourselves and feeling the need to better consolidate what we do.  Our move to the name ‘GirlsTrek‘ in 2017 was the culmination of our change. We enable women to revitalise, renew, discover, laugh and challenge themselves. We deliver on what women want, investing in themselves to experience one of the happiest times in their life.

As for me, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a small part of the lives of so many incredible women. You all inspire me everyday.