Kosciuszko – the debrief.


There is no faster way to get to know a bunch of women than on a GirlsTrek. This was exactly the case when 8 relative strangers were called together to form an intrepid ‘super-group’ to give the Kosciuszko National Park the once over, in the name of research for future GirlsTrek trips.

Frith and Lyn were our leaders, and six discerning trekkers – of varying experience set forth on a quest to explore the finest trails, most comfy beds, coldest champagne and best selfie spots in the park. If we weren’t having so much fun, this could have been very serious business indeed. Little did we know we would also be charting new conversation territory – apparently nothing was off limits. This was just day one. – AND pre-wine.

The glorious spring weather had turned on its best for our departure from Thredbo, mild to warm weather and piercing blue skies had the stunning wildflowers in full bloom. Technicolour yellow, purple and white as far as the eye could see in parts. Punctuated with silvery snow gums, rushing ice cold streams and wild rosemary – nature’s garden was better than any Jamie Durie backyard blitz. I found myself repeating words….stunning, glorious, wow and amazing. And this was before we headed up the mountain to the really big views. I would have to rack my brain for some more original superlatives, or possibly risk getting pushed over a cliff just to shut me up.

Dead Horse Gap sounded like a charming walk. I mean, WHAT THE? Who named this? Clearly the marketing intern was in charge that day. Undaunted, we set forth and discovered that Dead Horse Gap would in fact be a seriously beautiful place to die. In typical Queenslander style, the sight of snow got us all a little overexcited. I resisted the urge to run face first into it and roll around. Snow deprivation can be a very real issue for a QLD girl. I think Frith could have been missing the snow too. On our way home she took us high on the search for a trail that actually didn’t exist, but there was heaps of snow. Well-played Frith, but it might be time for you to get that help for your bad case of snow deprivation. Still, she must have known how elated we would feel after a little trailblazing. We were buzzing with the excitement of it all.

Onwards and upward to the summit of Kosci on day 2. I don’t know if it was the altitude or the warm weather but one or two of the girls decided to ramp it in up the conversation stakes. We gave current affairs and politics the swerve to ponder the bigger questions of body hair, bush weeing, and which movie stars we’d leave our husbands for. A lively debate ensued. After some time the consensus was that pretty much any movie star would do. And/or musician, sports personality or Big Brother contestant.

The summit of Kosczi was a highlight. Especially for the other 3 tourists we met up there who had the good fortune to witness the Girl Trekkers doing the inaugural ‘Cossies on Kosczi’ photo shoot. Us in our bikini tops for the shoot, the 2 shocked blokes couldn’t believe their luck. We also recruited the wife of one of them who joined in the fun by tossing her shirt aside and having a photo with us. What a trooper!

If we thought day 2 was awesome, day 3 blew us away (almost literally). The wind was up and the temps were down for our stunning third leg along the main trail. The gorgeous blue lake was our morning tea break and it just got better from there. Stunning cliff walking made us feel more James Bond than Sound of Music, and an A-grade lunch spot along Northcote ridge offered spectacular views down the valley and lakes. We all agreed this was a ‘must-do’ for any Girl Trekker. My eyeballs were completely full.

Three glorious days of solid walking was washed down with a glass or two of champagne, a heap of laughs and some reflection on all the aspects of our trip. I made up my mind in that moment to book my next adventure with GT. As our final assault, on day 4 we rose in the dark to summit Mt Stillwell and witness the sunrise. It was freezing and windy but as the sun peeked through the cloud and lit up the sky orange I thought to myself, cold hands, warm heart.