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Our Hong Kong Story by Frith Graham

As a past competitor in Oxfam 100, the thought of checking out the MacLeHose Trail in the New Territories, Hong Kong was pretty exciting.

Without the shackles of pressure an event brings, we decided we needed a good solid two days trekking on this famous trail. The prerequisite was it needed to be beautiful, quirky, a little bit of challenge, (but not too much) and accessible from really nice accommodation!

No camping for us! If we were considering a trek in Hong Kong our Bed and Breakfast stays needed to be stylish! These abound in this global Asian city and the major decision needs to be a good location and impeccable service.

We got our combination of great trekking and an even greater place to sleep, so began our “Rekkie” for the Hong Kong MacLeHose Trail and Shopping Adventure.

Set with a basic plan of the sections of the trail we wished to trek and an idea of the hotels we wished to stay in, we jumped on the easy Qantas flight direct from Brisbane to Hong Kong. In 8 hours we were in a Green Taxi and on our way to our first home away from home.

Overlooking an expanse of water at Sha Tin, there was nothing disappointing about this hotel. We were warmly greeted, the rooms were roomy and up to scratch. All we needed was a great night sleep (after a quick wine in the bar) to be ready for our coming days of adventure!

Setting off the next morning with a basic map and a vague idea of where we were going we soon realized that the Taxi driver we had selected had an even vaguer idea. As we waved good bye to civilization with the multi story buildings giving way to more and more green we kept our spirits high even though we weren’t completely sure we were on the right track!

We were prepared, like good little Girl Trekkers. Our water bladders were full to capacity, we had an international phone, and we had our big smiles – a winning trifecta.

We disembarked, waved our transport goodbye and looked around. No this was not where we should be we promptly decided. Oh well – let’s just ring another taxi, its Hong Kong, there are heaps of taxis…

Our rescuer came in the form of a fellow Australian, now living and working in Hong Kong. He was about to travel in to work and was happy to give us a lift to where we need to be. Taking down a few details of our new friend (workplace, height, any identifying markings!!) we accepted his offer and found our way to the correct starting point of our days trek.

The tricky start was all worth it as we applauded the gorgeous coastal views as we snaked our way along the coastline of the South China Sea. As we passed through sleepy surf villages and abandoned farming hamlets we marveled at the juxtaposition of it all – the massive metropolis of New Territories only 20kms away.

Our continuing days trekking delivered more and more scenic treats, with some quite steep climbs. All the tracks were in excellent condition and often we had them almost to ourselves accept of an occasional “through” trekker who was taking on the full 100kms of the trail.

With the trekking done we turned our eye to sniffing out the best restaurants and bars for Australian girls with a passion for gourmet.

From our simply stunning hotel located on Queens Road in Central, where you are greeted by your name each time you enter the hotel, there was a plethora of choice to fit our taste buds.

We always seek the very special and therefore needed to take a trip across the harbor to Kowloon to visit an award-winning restaurant. It was simply sublime, located on the 25th floor, with an unencumbered view of the harbor; we had found our yummy wow moment.

Our research trips are always full of fun and folly. We think like the independent traveller and that is why we believe our trips deliver this combination of organization with discovery, convenience with the unexpected.

We really do love what we do.