GirlsTalk by GirlsTrek 31 July 2018

GirlsTalk: Friendship the key to reconciliation

Consider this.  90% of non-indigenous Australians do not know an Aboriginal person.  Alarming?  I think yes.  By definition this means knowing their name or having conversations and sharing stories with them.  Brooke Prentis wants to change this because she believes that friendship and connection are the key to reconciliation and closing the gap faster.  Brooke is one person making a big difference and will be our guest speaker at the next GirlsTalk event on 31 July.

Descendent of the Waka Waka peoples, Brooke is one of only 30 degree qualified – and possibly the first ever chartered indigenous accountant.  She has worked with global consulting firms all over the world and ASX100 companies.

Brooke will share her story with us, including how the influence of a long line of very strong women helped shape her life choices.  She will also talk about her Dad and how he encouraged her to create connections with Aboriginal people and the land.  Instead of being “that girl” – the 15 year old school drop out with a baby, Brooke is living proof that one person can make a difference – with effort and action.

You cannot help but be inspired by this woman who is clearly making her mark.  She will share with us her ideas on how we can all contribute to a deeper understanding of the issues facing Aboriginal people and how we can close the gap faster.  She is passionate about indigenous leadership and forming connections with all of Australia.

As always in life – the simplest solutions are usually the best.  When you think about it, bridging the gap through friendship is such an obvious answer. I am proud to say I do know one indigenous woman quite well.  And Brooke is right – if you ‘know’ someone it makes all the difference.  This woman is also a single mother and is raising two very impressive children, one of whom was the school captain at the local school a few years ago and is also a talented dancer.  She is one of those kids who you look at and think – she is going to do something big one day.  Imagine if we challenged every Australian to just get to know ‘one’ indigenous person.  I wonder what a difference that would make?

I am excited!  Join us for the next GirlsTalk.  Be inspired.

Tuesday 31 July 2018 @ 44 Wolverhampton Street, Stafford Qld

6:00 pm to 8:30pm

Light dinner and drink

Tickets available