Gift of time with your besties

The gift of time with your besties

If I could have anything I wanted in all the world, I’ve always said, “Please just give me more time.”

Time – it’s one of the things we can’t control, but we can manage and make the most of “moments in our time”.

But how!!

One way, is by giving yourself the gift of time (or ask your hubby to gift it to you) to “getaway with your girls” and escape from reality.  Every girl needs a good “girls weekend” every so often and isn’t it time you took some time out for you?

We love our partners, our kids and challenging careers BUT your friends are crucial to your sanity. A “quickie girls’ trip” can be all you need to reset, relax, and remember what it’s like to have fun without all your other responsibilities.

Where has this year gone, I hear you say (we all say it). Well, it’s time (there’s that word again) to be true to you and don’t let 2018 get away from you like 2017 has. Our lives are so, so busy. Cluttered with work, parenting, family and husband, it can be tough to find the time out for just you. Don’t let 2018 the whay 2017 has, put a mark in your diary out in front of you and arrest that “moment in time” just for you. Nothing can reboot you like the reconnection with your girlfriends.

In June this year, I went on a GirlsTrek  weekend. Just a 2 nighter (perfect fit for my young family and workaholic husband) luxury getaway to the Scenic Rim. It was just the breath of fresh air I needed in my life and to get me through to the end of the year. I was tired of wiping bottoms and never having an uninterrupted meal (even a conversation); tired of keeping track of everyone else’s schedule and yelling at the kids!! I knew it was time for me to getaway.

Some simple stand outs of “awesomeness” that made my heart sing from this GirlsTrek experience were:

I felt like the “old me”

All I had to do was – pack for me, dress me, feed me, think for and look after ME ME ME ME ME!!! (Tralalalala – that’s my heart singing.) It was heavenly. As a busy working mum, you are, on a daily basis, on someone else’s schedule. These 72 hours I walked to the beat of my own drum (it had been many years since I’d done that and it felt oh so good).

I didn’t have to lift a finger

The entire weekend was planned meticulously right down to the cool crispy white hand towels handed to us as we walked into camp (that’s a 5star luxurious Out of Africa style camp) to freshen up after a magnificent day walking the wilderness of the scenic rim, then in the other hand a glass of champagne was placed whilst sitting down to a table full of delicious platters of gourmet food. Did I mention before the word, heavenly!!

Oh the simplicity

No schedules, lots and lots of sleep, as much or as little of anything I wanted (wine included). The food – oh so yummy, the wines – free-flowing, authentic local experiences, the blue skies, the green ever-changing terrain. The ease of getting out the door – no lunches to make, kids to dress, fights to breakup, negotiations to maneuver, all I had on each day was my trek shoes, tights, thermals, hat, sunnies, and my smile to walk and talk, and discover somewhere new. It really was the best time ever!!

Oh the serenity

It was total 1000% relaxation. There was not one moment where I thought about being someplace else. I was right here, right now…..the true meaning of mindfulness. The wide open spaces, the fresh air, feeling the earth under my feet, the blue sky over my head, the sun on my back, the conversation, chatter and laughter with each lady – they really did feel like friends by the end.

Calling all time-poor lovely ladies everywhere – Feel like you are missing a piece of your former life? Feel like you’ve lost your way, needing to rediscover what made your heart sing?

You need to go somewhere!

Barbie Reeve, GirlsTrekker, Mother of 2 small children and one workaholic husband