1. Clients are requested to take a Rapid Antigen test in the 24 hours prior to travel and let GirlsTrek know they have a negative result.
  2. Clients and guides are required to wear face masks on all transport.
  3. If a client contracts COVID on the trip, the group will need to do RAT tests to establish who is positive. Positive cases will need to isolate in their own room and make their way home from the trip. This will mean that if one client is negative and one positive in a twin share room they will need to separate.
  4. Out of pocket expenses in relation to a client contracting COVID, including interruption to trip, additional accommodation, additional transportation will be covered by Covermore insurance. These expenses will be paid by the client who is COVID positive and claimed later through their insurance.
  5. Clients who choose a different insurer to Covermore must check with their insurer that they are covered in the same way.
  6. GirlsTrek will assist clients who are COVID positive in attending to arrangements to extend their stay and arrange transport back to the airport at the end of their illness.
  7. The current advice from the Queensland Government until 26 March 2022 is that you cannot return to Queensland until you have a negative result. Therefore, you will need to isolate in the town you are visiting until you return a negative result.
  8. Travel for all client who test negative continues as per our itinerary.