An experience as amazing as the scenery

  • We hand pick every experience you will have
  • We make sure the kilometres you walk each day are worth every step by testing the distance and trails for the most amazing scenery
  • From the morning tea biscuit to the degustation dinner, we try every bite, to ensure it’s up to standard
  • We sample the wines and test the champagne (someone has to!)
  • We jump on the beds, snuggle the pillows and scrutinise the hosts so at the end of the day your accommodation is amazing
  • We take care of you because you take care of everyone else in your life!

Smiles inside and out

  • Our responsibility is to enable you to have one of the happiest times of your life.
  • We want you to FALL IN LOVE with trekking.
  • If we don’t catch you smiling on the inside or the outside, your next GirlsTrek trip is free!

The perfect girls getaway for you

  • At GirlsTrek we make sure you have all the components of the perfect girls getaway
  • Fun friends to be with
  • Fun stuff to do!
  • Freedom from schedules and the kitchen
  • Delicious food to eat
  • Champagne to celebrate with
  • A chance to dress up
  • Crispy sheets to retire to at the end of the day
  • Time together with no distractions