GirlsTrek aims to provide a platform to connect with nature combined with warm hospitality and excellent accommodation. We present an opportunity for clients to connect with our wilderness, with others and with themselves.
GirlsTrek respects the environment and upholds sustainable travel, striving to incorporate sustainable travel practices in all aspects of our business. We understand it’s a special privilege to operate and walk through our immensely important environment at our chosen destinations, hence we follow best practice track guidelines on all our trips. Our walks follow designated trails. We believe in treading softly, leaving no trace and preserving our environment for future generations.
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GirlsTrek are avid supporters of businesses in communities we visit. We ‘stay and play’ within the community at locally owned family run hotels and restaurants and use small businesses wherever possible to provide us with goods and services on all our trips.
GirlsTrek values collaboration, community and giving – all the things that woman do best.