Find your people

GirlsTrek is driven by a strong set of values that connect us as a team and with our clients. One of these is ‘community’. This means that we facilitate and engage in authentic connections and over time this has created a strong culture of belonging that has spilled into our client base.

One of the instantly bonding things about a GirlsTrek holiday is that everyone is there because they love to walk. You will be hard pressed to find a coach potato on one of our trips! That one shared interest tends to get everyone off to a good start and the other connections form from there.

Although we intuitively recognise the value of feeling part of a group, it is interesting to note the academic rigour behind this knowing. Well known psychologist Abraham Maslow’s 1943 paper on the Theory of Human Motivation, states that humans share certain needs, and that these needs can be arranged in a hierarchy, from the most basic needs to the higher level ‘growth’ needs (those that make us feel happy and fulfilled).

Physiological and security needs are the two most basic levels—requirements such as food, water, adequate rest, shelter, and a sense of predictability and safety sit at the top. Then comes the social needs – a sense of acceptance and belonging, and of feeling you are part of a group.

Our founder, Frith Graham says she likes to think of GirlsTrek as a collegiate culture – just like in a collegial office culture where everyone happily works together as a team.

“It can also feel like a successful school or college environment that fosters a sense of belonging and it’s meant to be fun!” says Frith.

“Having this philosophy means that we attract clients that value this environment and there’s something about a long walk in nature that unites people. It’s the ‘we are all in this together’ factor, I think. The shared experience is definitely very bonding.

“You know you are in a collegial environment when everyone is smiling. We see a lot of that on our trips,” says Frith.

The goal when you are on trekking holiday is to have a good time with like-minded people. No matter what level of trek you are taking our, environment fosters a healthy sense of risk taking, building of complementary strengths and trust amongst the group. We are also particularly mindful that anyone who may have joined a trekking group solo quickly feels included and safe.

The group nature of a trip with us creates great kinship and the power of those shared memories and experiences lasts well after everyone returns home.