Fill up your soul

My teenage schooling years were spent at a boarding school in frosty Armidale, NSW. There are few hard tales I could share about leaving my free and easy life on a central Queensland cattle property, travelling thirteen hours by bus to an ordered, rule-ridden place of scholastic pride, however oddly those memories are not the standouts.

For me, the clarity of those past days is in the moments, the chunks, the long stretches of time I spent hanging out with my school buddies, shooting the breeze, coming up with and carrying out crazy antics and building irreplaceable friendships.

The time between the school block and chapel was spent living and loving the rhythm of each other’s lives; on the sports field, in the textiles and drama room, or simply hanging out in the “common room” eating “supper biccies” and drinking Milo.

A time that provided the opportunity for a deep sense of belonging and loyalty to evolve. Bonds so deep that no teacher, house mother or duty mistress could come between us. We had each other’s backs and in the absence of parents, we were each other’s pillars of support.

It is this same collegiate atmosphere I feel on a GirlsTrek trip. The opportunity of time and peace to share on the trails we walk. The chat over a drink of celebration, the laughter at the dinner table each night. The delightful languish that comes from ‘someone else’ making all the decisions for a change allowing the focus to be on you and your fellow Girl Trekker. Each day building on the next so that strangers on day 1 warmly embrace as lifelong friends on day 5.

It is uplifting. It is soul-filling. Personally, it fills me with nostalgia for that memory of youth when all around us was possibility and adventure with your friends by your side.