Fill up your cup

Majestic views make my heart swell. I know that this is not a medically proven fact, but I don’t care. Heart swells that come with falling in love, watching your child perform, a look from your devoted dog or reuniting with an old friend are real.


I have recently returned from the first GirlsTrek to South Australia. This beautiful walk meanders along selected parts of the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail and the Heysen Trail. The first moderate climb up on to a headland near Snakes Lagoon (more on snakes later), burst our happy little group into the most majestic, rugged, rich coastal vista I have, on all my travels, ever observed. And my heart swelled.


The southern ocean was a canvas of midnight blue transitioning, artic blue then aquamarine ending in stunning white as the waves crashed against the cliffs. The ground we tread was a story book of floral colours; fuchsia, canary yellow, deep lilac and bluebell. The air was a stunning smell of salty spray, lemon and honey. And my heart swelled.


In the distance was the tiny peak of the lighthouse at Cape Couedic, our goal for days end and every stride we took it provided us a constant companion of measure. We had been advised prior to arriving that Kangaroo Island has the largest tiger snake population in Australia. Our eyes were vigilant, every stick a suspect however these slithery friends were not out and about. And my heart was grateful to a different kind of swell!


At Admiral Arch, an extraordinary rock formation where New Zealand seals play, sleep and tend their little ones framed our end of day traditional GirlsTrek celebration. As we toasted one another, laughed and reminisced on the wonderous parts, the tough parts, the exhilarating parts of the day, my heart swelled.  For there is nothing more majestic sharing happy times with good people in incredible places.