Am I fit enough?

“Am I fit enough?” would be the most frequent question girls ask me. Valid question considering the concept of the getaways we provide are based around walking somewhere.

There is a short and a long version to my answer. Let me start with short; “Depends”, depends on your choice of getaway, is it a gentle trek amongst the vines in the King Valley or along the beach of Byron Bay or conquering the top 10 peaks of Australia? Our plan is to support you in your choice, we will give you trip options and a pre trip training plan to suit. We’ll always be there for you.

The long answer is one of the key reasons GirlsTrek exists.

My core belief is we need to condition our bodies to be “fit for life”. This does not mean rigorous high impact cardio workouts five days a week. It means rigorous pursuit and attention to consistently using your body physically so you can make a relaxed decision about joining in on all the opportunities that interest you.

A friend asks you to join them in a walk in a National Park – sure let’s go. Your husband wants you to come kayaking with him on the river -why not, sounds fun. Your mum asks for some help in the garden that turns in to an all day renovation – absolutely anything for mum!

Fit for life is about making an easy decision to join in. To be part of many things and explore the corners of your life. Will we be stellar at all of them? Definitely not. Look like a pro? Unlikely. Being and doing activities with others is mentally the perfect potion for us to feel good about ourselves and the reward each and every time are endorphins, natures’ wonder drug, released in to our system.

Are you fit enough? Are you rigorously pursuing consistency to use your body physically every week? Keep moving and celebrate being fit for life.


Frith Graham, Founder of GirlsTrek and fit for lifer convert!