A Very Special Customised Trip

GirlsTrek has always had a policy of catering for all levels of fitness. We pride ourselves in being able to make any trek work so when Emma Henderson approached us about the idea of taking her and a group of friends to Uluru we were delighted at having the opportunity to customise a very unique trip.

Emma has spinal shock and is partially paralysed. She is able to stand for brief periods and can walk a short distance with a walker. A freak accident in 2013 changed Emma’s life forever but her mindset and determination have played a huge role in overcoming her challenges. She has defied the diagnosis that she would never get out of her chair and is committed every day to getting stronger. Emma is now a sought after and inspiring motivational speaker.

We love her because her values so closely align with GirlsTrek, most notably the power of the human spirit, abundance and resilience. We spoke to her just days after returning from her GirlsTrek trip and she was high on life.

“The idea of travel has been very intimidating for me since the accident,” said Emma. “This trip has seriously opened my mind up to what’s possible. You have no idea how exciting this is for me. We were away for three days but it felt like 10!

“Frith and her team put an amazing amount of thought and care into everything. She organised a Polaris to get me up the sand dunes, they pushed my chair through the boggy soft sand, catered for my vegan diet and help was always on hand if I needed it. There was constant proactive consideration of my needs and everyone else. And, the quality of the experience our group had was worth every cent.”

Emma took the trip with a group of friends who she has met through South’s Rugby Club where her son plays football. They call themselves the mothers of magpies. “And would you believe the first bird we saw was a magpie!” said Emma. “The group are a really interesting, high achieving group of women although after taking this trip, I realise that there is a certain type of person that will take a GirlsTrek trip, so I don’t really think it will matter who I go with.

“To be able to sit on top of a sand dune watching the sun set over the Olgas and the Rock while someone was playing digeridoo was so exciting and life affirming,” said Emma. “There is something about being out there in that vastness, seeing the milky way and hearing the Aboriginal meanings of the stars which tell what’s in season, where to find water etc. It really was wow.”

Emma is already planning her next trip. She has a few on her bucket list including the Great Ocean Road and Norfolk Island. “Or maybe Costa Rica – apparently they have an amazing zip line,” says Emma. “I would like to do it with GirlsTrek because I trust them. They are experienced and know what they are doing. I don’t think I’d do it any other way.”