Larapinta sleep out

A thousand stars at your fingertips

Before we left for the Larapinta Trail another GirlsTrek team member said “make sure you pull your swag out from your tent and sleep under the stars!”.   So the first night at Ti-Tree Camp that’s exactly what a few of us did.  After unfounded concerns about being warm enough you quickly start to feel absolutely separate and somehow at one with nature.  One hundred percent present with the 1000’s of stars at your fingertips.   Throughout the night we were mesmerised as the moon danced across the sky weaving its way through the stars.  This soon became a nightly ritual and a highlight of the trip!

The wilderness seduces you to slow down and think about what’s important.   We consolidated this with our daily solo-walks and solo-sits whereby the group walked in single file or spent 15 minutes alone in nature just to be and take in the surroundings.

Never has a trekking adventure or holiday held such special memories as the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory.  Twenty ladies, mostly unknown to each other,  spent 5 glorious days walking sections of the 223km Trail. Nervously starting from the Telegraph Station at Alice Springs and ending with a beautiful sunset hike to the top of Mount Sonder.

We traversed along the West MacDonnell Ranges through spectacular scenery, whilst managing challenging terrain under foot.  This Trail is not for the faint-hearted or for those who are attached to their toe nails!  Every step worth the real conversations, group camaraderie and laughter that developed the further West we roamed.

We all finished our adventure with new friends, a better understanding of the significance of the Trail and a sense of joy at having had such an amazing experience.


Melinda Russell, GirlsTrek guide , mum