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GirlsTrek is about celebration of self

Frith Graham founded GirlsTrek in 2010. Here Frith explains her thinking:

 I started GirlsTrek simply because I was looking for a way to find a solution to get back to the real me. That was the birthplace of it. 

It’s about going on your own personal adventure, rewarding yourself and giving back to yourself.

It’s abut solving the age-old problem of women doing so much for everyone else …and not very much for themselves.

So they become more tired and disenfranchised from people around them.

We’ve all seen the cranky mum and the cranky wife and that happens because they’re giving, giving, giving all the time to others.. but they’re not giving back to themselves.

So we’re solving that problem by giving women the opportunity for celebration and to be amongst other women who are just like them.


Together, they can raise each other up for a spirited time and a great shared experience.


We have a diverse range of women who come to GirlsTrek. The average age is between 40 and 60 (life’s sweet spot!) but there are younger and older as well.

There are all kinds of women -working mums, single ladies, divorcees, widows – and they all enjoy the experience.

That’s why I started GirlsTrek and it’s incredibly satisfying.