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Through discomfort comes comfort

Relishing in the relaxed state after a 20 minute Sunday afternoon nap, I got to thinking more broadly about a favourite mantra of mine.

Through discomfort comes comfort.

Earlier that morning, a 5am start that dictated a 4:30am rise, I met a friend for a strong workout on the trails of Mt Coot tha in Brisbane. At that time of  day , I was feeling really uncomfortable.  Early mornings all through the week were compounding and as that alarm clock rang out in the dark I felt the first wave of discomfort as I swung my feet to the floor.

The first, second … eighth hill my friend and I pushed ourselves up and over, at pace, hurt so much as I struggled for breath and cursed the muggy heat of a Brisbane summer morning.

The gross soggy training Tshirt I was wearing felt so gross and uncomfortable as I edged myself back in to my car to travel home.

Waking from that Sunday siesta however, all I could feel was comfort. Comfort in my body that had worked hard and deserved rest, comfort in my mind that I was proud of my discipline to commit to routine. Comfort in the knowledge that I was one step closer to my own physcial goals.

Lying there in that aura of comfort I thought about all the aspects of my life where pushing through discomfort had indeed created comfort.

The difficult issues to tackle with teenage daughters.

Tough business decisions.

Planning advanced care for my parents.

Approaching the most uncomfortable areas of my life with the mindset of pushing through, puffing hard, lifting strongly and not enjoying the process is okay. The knowledge that discomfort will bring comfort will help me endure.

Feeling discomfort is good for you. Comfort will come from facing up to our fears, our issues, and our responsibilities no matter how big they seem.