Get your flow on

Flow is the simple relationship between time and activity.

You know those days where every piece of your day feels like a peak hour traffic jam in a developing countries largest city.

You feel like everyone is shouting including your internal self, the light is too bright, you are surrounded by people who are ‘rude’ or ‘slow’ or ‘annoying’ and your are metaphorically throwing your arms in the air almost ready to GIVE UP.

Compared with those days where it all clicks in, your internal airconditioning unit is set to a mild and comfortable 22 degrees celcius and you are really feeling the progression of your day. Your creative and conscious mind is powering and every thing you are looking for in your world today is coming to you.

I love those days.

They are my flow days.

Flow – the simple relationship between time and activity.

Flow days aren’t every day and that’s okay. We need some collision and frustration in our life to josle us toward working to more flow than not. Feeling compressed or that our shoes are on the wrong feet puts pressure on us to change and find a way release from the blockage.

One of the best techniques I have been introduced to lately is understanding – when. Thanks to Daniel Pink, recognising my when, those times in the day when I power, when I need rest, and when I can re power has helped me find more flow in my work and in my home life.

Perhaps you might like to investigate your when and incorporate the technique to help you have more flow days than traffic jams.

It’s so good living life in flow.

Good luck!