Why putting yourself in the stretch zone will make you feel amazing!

At GirlsTrek we cater for all levels of fitness and you will find a trip to suit where you are at. Lately we have been considering the concept of what it means to put yourself in the ‘stretch zone’ – that place that sits in between your comfort zone and the freak out zone (or panic). It interests us because research shows that stretch zone experiences provide the most highly productive zone for change and growth.

According to mindfulword this is where learning actually happens. The task we’re contemplating seems challenging, but manageable with a little work, practice, reading or research. The exciting thing about this model is the way it insists that learning has to be at least a little uncomfortable. Learning is inherently stressful, because it means a readjustment of our mental landscapes. The stretch zone is where we incorporate new information or a more difficult skill into our repertory.

We are passionate about empowering women and after ten years in business it has become apparent that our model of travel is changing people’s lives. No-one wants to go on a trek where they are totally out of their depth and miserable, but the feedback is too hard to ignore. When our women tackle a new challenge or take a trek that they didn’t think they could do, it really makes them smile!

A good sign that you are in the stretch zone is when the angry adolescent inside rears its head! Feelings of resentment, discomfort and foot stomping, “I don’t want to do this” may emerge. Sitting with this discomfort for a while, recognising it and resisting that overwhelming urge to blame others, even the ground you are walking on is the first step to powerful transformation.

The change that comes from challenge is like receiving an award. Our clients often refer to it as a sense of disbelief and great joy in achieving a milestone they may not have considered possible.

Here’s the good news. Your stretch zone is not the same as anyone else’s. It’s as unique as your thumbprint. It really is worth keeping this in mind when you book your next GirlsTrek. Our trips are graded from easy and moderate to tough and challenging. If you want to feel amazing at the end select one that looks like it is going to be slightly out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it!