Hong Kong

The surprise of Hong Kong

On your must do trekking destination list you may have left out Hong Kong. Here is an opportunity to help you think again and ink it into your furture plans. These are the top 5 reasons why we love Hong Kong.

The butterflies and birdlife are exquisite.

Critters elevate any bush trekking experience. Slittery friends elevate the heartrate, bird song and floaty butterflies elevate the soul. Hong Kong has 235 speciies of butterflies and 450 species of the birds.  The country parks (Australia’s equivalent National Parks) forest floor, brush and trees are teeming with the colour and sound of these flighty friends. We love the interesting Map Wing butterfly or the vibrant Great Egg as well as the noisy Masked Laugh- Trush bird or the sweet Tree Sparrow. Their abundance as you trek along the trails are an excellent distraction any climb through the hills!

The trails are challenging and rewarding.

There are 443 square kilometres of land dedicated to 24 country parks in Hong Kong for the purpose of recreation and conservation.  Longest serving Hong Kong governor, MacLehose (1971 – 1982), established the country parks to give natural spaces to the people, as well as the outstanding Mass Transit Railway (MTR) that helps move seamlessly the millions of inhabitants of the city every day.

The MacLehose trail (the one we trek) is 100km long. The sections we choose are both coastal and visiting the highest point in Hong Kong, Ma on Shan. With 50 to 60 level towers in the distance there are many times on the trails you feel as though you are in a lost world. Some parts are rough, others perfecly cut steps and the over riding feature is the up and down! You definitely finish your day knowing you have earnt your dinner and proven to yourself, yet again of what your body is capable of!

Experience international cuisine in its abundance.

We combine provincial everyday eats with Chinese stalwarts (Peking duck), vietnamese and french bistro style. From a basic dim sum, to a duck pancake, charred sweet corn, salted chilli ranch, smoked quesso fresco and furikake and Alaskan crab ravioli with seafood bisque – every bite leaves your mouth watering. Number 6 in the world for the most michelin star restaurants, Hong Kong is the place to come to make your taste buds sing!

It’s global eclectic at its best.

Clearly geography and the people surrounding you on the streets leave you under no false pretense that you are in China. With that piece of obvious recognised, the next level is the subtle recognition of the influences of the rest of the world on this asian belle. The british heritage peeps around corners with old sandstone buildings, laneways as italian as espresso, boulangeries rub shoulders with Thai massage, open plazas with waterfalls and statues channel a spanish flair.

You can never tire of dancing your eyes over the stunning architecture of the city like the most celebrated site, the Jockey Club Innovation Tower in Hung Hon (near West Kowloon Design park). The city enmasse is best viewed at night when it seems to spring to life with the array of neon colours reaching high in to the black of the night sky.

They do luxury with out pretense.

Our Hong Kong experience finishes at the Upper House. Located on the top 11 floors of the JW Marriott building on Queens road in Central, this hotel simply blows a Girl Trekkers mind. Its Danish/ Japanese inspired interiors exude class and tranquility. The team culture ensures the men and women at the hotel  care for you in an interested, relaxed and friendly way, with an extreme attention to detail.  The 68 square metre rooms are enough to house a small family with a bathtub that one could swim laps. It is simply a divine place to be.