It’s all about twinkles?

Before hanging up the phone after a long conversation with an old friend, we wished each other a happy Christmas and a resolve to spend more time with each other next year. 

We are ‘run’ buddies and our friendship history is punctuated with long training runs in Brisbane and weekends away plodding around trails on events organised by people who know how to put on a show. In either situation, we are solving our world’s problems, making fun and building stronger bonds. My friend’s last words before she dropped off the telephone line was “we need to sign up for an event; we need to put something on the calendar to aim for otherwise we all seem to find an excuse not to do anything”. 

Something to aim for? I call it a twinkle on my calendar. A glittery sparkle I am ever drawn towards as my year unfolds. A reminder to get prepared and be consistent. An opportunity to connect with my friends regularly. An inspiration to keep myself motivated. A booster when I am feeling a little down. I love twinkles on my calendar and all the light, warmth and fun they represent. 

What twinkles have you set on your 2019 calendar?