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Who are your people?

Who are your people? Who are the gems in your life who make you feel heard, understood, warm and fuzzy inside? The ones’ that add infinite value to your life?

This summer break I managed two very special weeks with a bunch of “my people”.  We walked into each others lives way back, over 37 years ago, a bunch of stringy teenagers pushed together to work, sleep and play. In the years that have passed all our journeys have taken us along very different yet similar paths. Our life experiences to this point in time while different in their flavour have taught us similar lessons. Our reactions to our circumstances are diverse yet the sustained optimism that exists in all our souls has enabled us to own our decisions. Our mutual respect for each other in our choices joins us in sisterhood solidarity.

Geographically spread across the eastern board of Australia it could be so easy to have lost touch, and moved on, perhaps even replaced these beautiful people.

No chance! The stakes are too high for to lose this connection forever would be one of the greatest hardships of my life.