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Does age really matter?

Does age really matter?

Ask my 83 year old mum and she will answer an emphatic YES.

In her own words she says “you have so much energy until you are 79 and then you fall off a cliff.”

Til you are 79 Mum? That is so exciting!

Think of where you are right now on your life’s journey and enforce mum’s “79 rule”. Do the sums and decide, asking yourself this very simple question.

What do I need to cram in to the quantum of time between where I am RIGHT now and 79?  What are the moments in my life that I still need to create, feel and cherish before my energy bubble will start to deflate?

Your answer will provide you with a suitcase full of goals you can manage in to a timeline to 79. Think of the decades in your life that are to come and how you want them to play out for you. All that possibility can become your reality.

Have you applied the “79 Rule” yet?

Get it done girls and go find your people who will be on that journey with you. Your people who will sit around drinking tea with you in your 80’s  reflecting on all the very cool things you got up to!