In 2019, what is your intention?

Frith Graham founder ponders the power of intention.

When I was a kid, I loved Pony Club. My pony’s name was Jolly. In the beginning, Jolly and I were the smallest two participants in the show jumping training session and for both of us, our greatest fear and yet most sort after feat was to jump ‘the wall’; a themed jump painted to resemble a red and white brick fence. It was so high! 

As each week went by, Jolly and I would make our way over the cavaletti (six small jumps in a row) and small double rail fences, all the while keeping our ears and interest pricked to the big horses and big people jumping ‘the wall’. 

In 1979, Jolly and I participated in a four day jumping workshop with a scary German former Olympic jump instructor. Under the rules, I was not meant to be there as it was only for 12 years and older. I was a tag along. A little tester. A make up the numbers entry. Quickly, Jolly and I set our intention to keep up with those big horses and big kids. And guess what? We jumped ‘the wall’. 

Our intention scaffolds our mind set to stay on course. Our intention applies the dogged focus to achieve our goals. 

In 2019, what is your intention?