Month: August 2019


Stretch goals are the best workout for your resilience muscle

We all strike times in our life that we would rather do without. Episodes, situations, events or any other euphemism you choose to refer to those times in your life that quite frankly, absolutely "suck the big one". Our angle to cope differs but the one thing we all have in common is the need for a good dose of resilience. My theory on coping preparation is we are best…


The benefits of having something to look forward to

There are so many benefits associated with planning ahead including increased feelings of optimism, a reason to feel grateful and feeling in charge of your destiny. A healthy sense of anticipation can also keep us motivated at work and get us through the harder days. Booking that holiday in ahead of time also means that you will actually go on holiday! All too often we ‘think’ about going somewhere but…


Why I love GirlsTrek: Jane Horwill

We’ve all heard the sage old saying that we need ‘something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.’ This simple wisdom is pretty spot on and planning your next GirlsTrek fits firmly into the ‘something to look forward to’ category. Jane Horwill discovered GirlsTrek at a juncture in her life where children were leaving the nest. Having become accustomed to putting everyone else’s needs before her…