Month: July 2019


We Are Taking the Freaky Out of Trail Running!

How about coming trail running with GirlsTrek? At GirlsTrek, we know how important it is to have a goal to look forward to, the ‘twinkle’ on the calendar. Could a Great Ocean Road trail running trip be your next goal? Jacqui Donaldson, our GirlsTrek Trail Running expert, talks about the why she loves trail running and why a GirlsTrek trail running trip could be your next perfect girls getaway. When…


Choosing the Right Trail

When I was a girl, one of my favourite pastimes was lying on my back on a spongy bed of Couch grass in my mum’s extraordinary garden. Mum’s garden was nestled near the centre of a large-ish cattle property in central Queensland. On my back, I would bring one leg up (always the right!) and rest the ankle on my opposite knee. With my left forearm I created a ‘visor’…


Meet Our Guide: Melinda Russell

It is easy to get bogged down in our heads that have become cluttered with what can feel like an overwhelming list of worries, responsibility and emails to respond to. The good news is that a healthy way to counteract these ruminations and bring us back to a state of clear headedness is to switch off your phone and go for a walk - in nature. GirlsTrek guide, Melinda Russell…