Month: February 2019

Hong Kong

The surprise of Hong Kong

On your must do trekking destination list you may have left out Hong Kong. Here is an opportunity to help you think again and ink it into your furture plans. These are the top 5 reasons why we love Hong Kong. The butterflies and birdlife are exquisite. Critters elevate any bush trekking experience. Slittery friends elevate the heartrate, bird song and floaty butterflies elevate the soul. Hong Kong has 235…

Blog photo discomfort

Through discomfort comes comfort

Relishing in the relaxed state after a 20 minute Sunday afternoon nap, I got to thinking more broadly about a favourite mantra of mine. Through discomfort comes comfort. Earlier that morning, a 5am start that dictated a 4:30am rise, I met a friend for a strong workout on the trails of Mt Coot tha in Brisbane. At that time of  day , I was feeling really uncomfortable.  Early mornings all…

Blog photo 79

Does age really matter?

Does age really matter? Ask my 83 year old mum and she will answer an emphatic YES. In her own words she says "you have so much energy until you are 79 and then you fall off a cliff." Til you are 79 Mum? That is so exciting! Think of where you are right now on your life's journey and enforce mum's "79 rule". Do the sums and decide, asking…