Month: December 2018


It’s all about twinkles?

Before hanging up the phone after a long conversation with an old friend, we wished each other a happy Christmas and a resolve to spend more time with each other next year.  We are ‘run’ buddies and our friendship history is punctuated with long training runs in Brisbane and weekends away plodding around trails on events organised by people who know how to put on a show. In either situation,…


In 2019, what is your intention?

Frith Graham founder ponders the power of intention. When I was a kid, I loved Pony Club. My pony’s name was Jolly. In the beginning, Jolly and I were the smallest two participants in the show jumping training session and for both of us, our greatest fear and yet most sort after feat was to jump ‘the wall’; a themed jump painted to resemble a red and white brick fence. It was so high! …