Month: November 2017

Gift of time with your besties

The gift of time with your besties

If I could have anything I wanted in all the world, I’ve always said, “Please just give me more time." Time – it’s one of the things we can’t control, but we can manage and make the most of “moments in our time”. But how!! One way, is by giving yourself the gift of time (or ask your hubby to gift it to you) to “getaway with your girls” and…


The gift of time away from your family

Don't get me wrong. I love my family. I think my kids are smarter, funnier, prettier than anyone else's. I also really like my spouse. He's quite amusing and we enjoy doing the same types things in the outdoors together. But... Give me an escape tunnel of time away by myself doing something I love doing... well I am the first one there holding the shovel. 5 reasons to give…