Month: July 2017

Frith and girls

A lunchbox note to my daughters

IF I had a chance to start again and in some small way I do, watching you dear daughters as you grow and navigate the world, this is what I would say to my younger self. Have courage to be who you are. Enjoy the comraderie of being with your gang of friends but understand they do not equal you, and they may or may not be your "forevers". You…


What I love about GirlsTrek. A message from Donna S.

Dear Kara and Frith, Thanks again for another great trip away with the girls.  I know how much effort goes into the detail - champagne at the finish, wonderful restaurants, old timber boats, etc. If anyone had told me 10 years ago that I would be plodding my way through 42km and 34km off-road races in my mid-40's I possibly would have believed them (anything is possible!) but I would…