Month: June 2014

hk trek

How we find AWESOME trips

Our Hong Kong Story by Frith GrahamAs a past competitor in Oxfam 100, the thought of checking out the MacLeHose Trail in the New Territories, Hong Kong was pretty exciting. Without the shackles of pressure an event brings, we decided we needed a good solid two days trekking on this famous trail. The prerequisite was it needed to be beautiful, quirky, a little bit of challenge, (but not too much)…


Hike Like A Girl in the Blue Mountains

By Lindsay Kasprowicz for Urban List Posted in | Prime Finds | 22 October 2013 7:04AM At what point in a woman’s life does trekking 56 km through bush sound like utter bliss? I believe it’s around the point of mothering two or three kids under the age of 10. Perhaps it’s escaping a nightmare boss, bad relationship, or simply a thirst for the outdoors?  Help is at hand. Brisbane-based company GirlsTrek is answering the…